Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Decorating Ideas

This is my first Christmas as an official adult (let’s face it, college doesn’t count), so I don’t have much in the way of decorations yet. My entire holiday decoration collection consists of my Mom’s unwanted stuff and a few strands of burnt out Christmas lights. I certainly don’t have the money to buy a ton of new decorations, so I’ve been in search of inexpensive and easy ways to decorate for the holidays.

Here are some of my favorite finds so far:
  • Recycle empty mayonnaise jars by using them as votives for tealight candles. You can surround the candle with nuts or peppermints, and wrap the jar with a ribbon for extra holiday appeal. See for more information.
  • Use holiday wrapping paper around your home to add holiday flare. You can cover your front door, or just wrap empty boxes like gifts to “stage” around your house. Even a simple bow tied around a mirror or picture frame will create a seasonal feel in a room.
  • Fill an empty glass bowl with some inexpensive holiday ornaments, pine cones, candies, or whatever you have around the house.
  • Use luminaries to decorate the exterior of your home for a classy look. Simply buy white paper bags and tall candles. Fill the bags about ¼ of the way with sand, and a candle, and line your driveway or sidewalk with the bags. When they are all lit, the effect is extremely elegant!
If you want more tips for decorating on a budget, check out The Decorating Diva and Amazing Christmas Ideas.


to2sassy said...

I love to take down all my pictures and "wrap" them and hang them back on the wall.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

curtis03 Lewis said...

These are simply awesome decoration ideas. Last month, arranged my sister’s bridal shower party at one of iconic venues in San Francisco. Had decorated the venue with beautiful accessories and everyone appreciated it.