Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Office Holiday Party!

As a “recent college graduate” office holiday parties are a brand new experience for me and many of my friends. I’m already finding myself overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done before the end of the year! On top of that the first holiday party of my career has the potential to be a bit of an awkward experience for the newbie who doesn’t quite know the drill. So, when it was announced that our office holiday party was a potuck, I felt even more pressure to contribute something that would get notice and approval from all of my co-workers.

Yesterday was my office’s annual holiday party. The pressure was on, so I decided to make my Buffalo Chicken Dip, the dish that tested so well among my friends. This time, to change things up I substituted ranch dressing for the blue cheese dressing and shredded cheddar cheese for the blue cheese crumbles. I actually preferred it this way, although blue cheese does give it that “wings and football” feel.

I held my breath as my co-workers asked “what is that?” when I unveiled my masterpiece. Since Buffalo Chicken Dip is so popular, I was surprised by how many people hadn’t tried it yet. Luckily, it passed with flying colors! There was none leftover after the party, and everyone asked for the recipe. The “new” girl had brought a great “new” dip. I took a big sigh of relief and silently said a thank you to the gods who invented Buffalo Chicken Dip.

As a side note, I made Buffalo Chicken Dip (which my co-workers now lovingly refer to as BCD) the night before the party and just heated it up in the microwave in the kitchen at the office. It couldn’t have been easier! I brought tortilla chips for dipping, but there were also vegetables at the party that some people used to dip. I know I have now written two full entries about Buffalo Chicken Dip, but I LOVE this recipe! I am not alone in my excitement over Buffalo Chicken Dip either, check out for more variations of the recipe. There are so many ways to spice it up!

Sometime in the next few weeks, you probably have a work holiday party on your calendar, right? I’m sure it’s there, somewhere in between the gift shopping, tree decorating and frantic wrapping. If you’re the one that got stuck planning your office’s holiday party, check out these blogs for some great tips:

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Renee said...

I agree ~ the buffalo dip really is good! Thanks for stopping by my blog.