Sunday, December 28, 2008

Party Idea: A Creative Way to Use Your "Other" Leftovers

On Friday, I suggested a few recipes for using your holiday leftovers. Well, here’s another creative way to use “leftovers” from the holidays….but not the kind of leftovers you keep in the fridge, the kind you still have sitting under the tree. It happens every year – I inevitably receive at least one gift that I just don’t know what to do with. It could have been a horrific sweater from a distant aunt or a gag gift from a best friend, but either way, seriously re-gifting it is usually out of the question.

So, for a great “post-Christmas” holiday party, why not have an entertaining gift exchange? At my party, everyone is going to rewrap the worst, least favorite, or funniest holiday gift they received and bring it to the party. Then, the guests swap gifts in a game that is played like this:

Guests sit in a circle and place their wrapped gifts in the center. Each guest picks three numbers from a hat. The host then calls out numbers one at a time, bingo style. When a guest’s number is called, they pick a gift from the pile, unwrap it, and place it in front of them. Once all of the gifts are unwrapped, the guests can begin “stealing” unwrapped gifts from other guests when their number is called. Play continues until all of the numbers have been called and all of the gifts are distributed. You’ll be amazed to see who actually likes that ugly sweater or gag gift!

Here’s another idea to spice up the party: Turn the party into a potluck by asking each guest to bring a dish to the party using their leftovers from the holidays. Not only will everyone have an excuse to clear their fridges of leftovers, but you’ll be spared from having to supply all of the food!

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